The business value of managing your processes with W4 Software


By adopting a strategy that makes your know-how your competitive advantage, you optimize exploitation and maintenance costs

78% of BPM projects saw an internal rate of return (IRR) of greater than 15 percent

*Gartner Survey, 2012


By improving the flow of your activities and exchanges, you shorten decision cycles and take advantage of BYOD to allow multi-channel participation

Through 2017, insufficient BPM maturity will prevent 80 percent of organizations from achieving the desired business outcomes from their digital business strategies.*

*Deficits in BPM maturity to inhibit digital business strategies: Gartner, Janvier 2015


By creating extensible solutions, capable of rapidly adapting to business change, you identify and take advantage of new growth opportunities

By 2017, 70% of successful digital business models will rely on deliberately unstable processes designed to shift with customers' needs.*

*Gartner, "Predicts 2015: Digital Business Will Drive a Big Change Revolution."


By aiming at operational excellence, you maximize the performance of your organization: you produce more and better

Farmers Insurance Group realized the reduction of process writing time from 2 weeks to 15 minutes. It also witnessed a 50% increase in combined policy sales to more effective underwriting performance.*

*Infosys White Paper «The BPM to profitability in Insurance », June 2014


By enforcing best practices, rule compliance and traceability, you guarantee security and efficient processing

77% of organizations estimate that their BPM initiative has had a positive impact on the improvement of compliance and risk management *

*Capgemini Global BPM Report, 2012


By continuously improving your processes, you increase your existing customers’ satisfaction and earn new ones

By digitizing its processes, HML (a financial institution in the UK) reached an unprecedented 89% customer satisfaction realized 400K£ in benefits and 150K£ in cost savings*

*Gartner, EMEA Gartner Business Process Management Excellence Awards 2014


By optimizing collaborative work and social interactions, you orchestrate everyone’s role for the benefit of all

In the current digital revolution. BPM based process applications have evolved from being mere back-office processes into customer-centric processes. They drive collaboration between employees, customers and partners, spanning organization boundaries and deliver business processes participation through various channels.*

*Mindtree White Paper 2014, Multi-channel enablement BPM way - beyond enterprise boundaries’


By allowing the graphical follow-up of processes and indicators (KPIs), you involve everyone and make sure he understands business objective

Insurers can use case management to promote process transparency with customers and regulators *

*Gartner’s ECM Magic Quadrant, 2014


By reusing your legacy systems (ERP, apps, critical data…), you capitalize on your past investments.

Gartner recommends to use a BPMS to orchestrate the flow of work across ERP and other applications and people to fill process gaps and to make end-to-end process visible (graphical)*

*Gartner, 201, Liberate Your Business Processes From Your ERP With BPM for Agility