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ITESOFT aquires W4 : Why bet on BPM? Jim SINUR explains


In July 2015, ITESOFT and W4 came together associating, on the ITESOFT side, a strong business culture built on intelligent multichannel capture of documents, and on the W4 side, an expertise built on implementation of business processes (BPM).

Armed with a unique platform firmly focused on customers (called SCPA for Secure Capture & Process Automation), integrating complementary modules (modeling, execution and control of processes, associated services: multichannel capture, document management, fraud detection) for seamless user exprience, ITESOFT and W4 have now combined forces to effectively support organizations in their digital transformation.

The white paper "The value of ITESOFT-W4 Merger" by Jim Sinur, independent analyst and former Director of Research at Gartner BPM, underlines how the complementary nature of these technologies precisely meets current business concerns:

  • Optimize customer experience, for more satisfaction and loyalty

In this age of the ultra-connected customers, both well informed and volatile, a streamlined and unified customer experience is a major factor of differentiation and thereby, a real key for satisfaction and retention.

  • Adapt to a constantly changing environment

In the face of the ever changing economy (new technologies, new players...) responsiveness and agility when launching new products plus improved time-to-market are imperative to avoid the risk of being "uberized".

  • Investing in innovation

The productivity gains from process automation and document management are being reinvested in innovation: Managing complex processes, integrating mobility, Big Data or IoT (Internet of Things), while offering seamless user experience is now possible.

  • Overcome the silos inherent in opaque and aging information systems

With the multiplicity of communication channels, there is a real need for strong collaboration between the various existing information systems within the company. Breaking the boundaries between these silos and harmonizing the information systems is a real cornerstone for successful multichannel customer experience.

  • Supervise and manage performance

It is essential today to maintain a synthetic vision of the business, every step of the process via key indicators. The goal? to analyze, correct and control, in order to optimize performance and improve business.

Check out the full analysis of Jim Sinur :

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