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W4 and Jamespot combine ESN and BPM @Documation2016

itesoft-w4-jamespot-rse.jpgIn this era of digital transformation, the flow of business information has became bloated.

The control over this flow is the main purpose of BPM (Business Process Management) suites in order to model and structure incoming requests through process execution. However, they also have a tendency to induce too much rigidity in the process.

Conversely, collaboration systems such as Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) allow opening exchanges, communicate quickly and work in an unsupervised manner. Nevertheless, they do not absolutely guarantee that a customer will be processed or that the case will be finished in time…

To meet this dual requirement - control / flexibility - the combined teams of ITESOFT-W4 and Jamespot have worked together to overcome the limits of their respective systems. This alliance has created an operational connector that completes the two solutions.

It provides a simple means of social and predictive routing assignments. It allows querying the ESN on expected keywords for the response and ESN reveals user profiles that have these tags in their skills… considering that these skills are declared or inferred by user actions in the ESN. This ensures that at least one person has the skills to treat the problem.

After this first point, at any time the user can switch the following treatments for the process into an ESN group to making it collaborative. Exchanges within the organization - and even ESN - are neither structured nor supervised: document exchanges, comments, document versions, questions / answers… the entire spectrum of Jamespot functions are possible. And when the task is completed, then an ESN user may close the case in one-click, thus automatically resubmitting the application and response to the current folder in the process.

François Bonnet, product marketing ITESOFT-W4 says "Of course, the classic traceability of the process is enriched by the history of the discussion. Thus, each file is always follow-up on regardless of the path it takes. This guarantees process integrity."

This type of alliance is as of today unique in the world of BPM and allows W4 to provide a response that is in line with the concerns of each field: giving leeway to users so they can contribute effectively to the processing of files

As Alain Garnier CEO of Jamespot recalls, "This opens horizons without limiting how companies can re-imagine their processes by giving their employees the best level of action at any time of the process. The digital transformation is even more powerful because it walks on two legs... both collaborative and processes."

This connector will be presented in a world exclusive at bpmNEXT (which brings together actors BPM "Defining the Next Generation of Process Innovation") to be held from 19 to 21 April in Santa Barbara, California. The approach W4 / Jamespot was selected as iconic and innovative project and will be presented during a live demo session. Visitors to Documation may attend a preview at the workshop on Wednesday 6 April at 10:30.