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ITESOFT | W4 Ecosystem

A BPM ecosystem dedicated to your needs

ITESOFT | W4 provides a consolidated view of our ecosystem. It is designed to guide you throughout your project

You will find in this space all the required assets to implement BPM within your organization. Articulated around a search engine, ITESOFT | W4 Ecosystem offers a set of resources grouped into different sections:

  • Shared BPMN processes
  • Applications, shared by contributors to the community
  • W4 downloadable products
  • Documentation, including white papers
  • Communities, to share applications and processes between members
  • The members themselves, who can manage their profile and get in touch with others within ITESOFT | W4 Ecosystem

You will find a catalog of reusable components and complete applications, avoiding the "blank page syndrome" to accelerate your developments.

ITESOFT | W4 Ecosystem is accessible from our products and at

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Resources for a smart start
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Products to download


Enthusiasts ready to support you anywhere

Our objective? To fulfill yours

Our Professional Services team is made of project managers and technical experts who bring their expertise of our products to customers and partners.

Different types of service are available according to your needs: architecture, consulting, specific assistance to project ownership and / or project management, long term accompaniment, development of a complete solution...

The intervention of our Professional Services team is the guarantee of a successful project based on our products.


The team works in perfect harmony with our Research and Development team and is trained ahead on future features of the product. Internal working sessions allow everyone to share their project experiences, at both functional and technical levels.

Each W4 expert brings you advice, expertise and support you need to ensure a successful business based on our products.

Therefore, we can take action with you in all phases of your projects, whether it is at functional or technical levels: architectural choice, technical then functional specifications, application realization, installation and assistance during production start.

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Agile Projects


A teaching method tailored to your context

Beyond technology, we share 20 years of experience with BPM

Training people is one thing. Making staff operational and independent is another thing. Our approach, based on your needs, with our consultant’s experience, ensures you an optimal return on investment.  

Our training programs are designed around two profiles: project owner for functional aspects and project managers for the technical dimension.

For both profiles, a set of modules is proposed, each targeting the specific needs for different stakeholders of a BPM project.

Training sessions can take place either on-site, or in our premises in the Paris area, depending on your constraints.

W4 Training Course List

Some of the sessions
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Get started with BPMN 2.0
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Gain control on the Suite
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Data modeling
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Make the processes executable
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Develop the application
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Java Programming


We’re Ready to help you!

Make BPM Business Process Management the partner of your success

In the on-line space dedicated to our customers and partners, you will find all the resources you need:  Supportflow access, knowledge base, product documentation, licence key, and the differents modules of W4 BPMN+ and of W4 BUSINESS FIRST to download, as well as patches.

Your satisfaction

Notre équipe de support s'engage à maintenir un niveau élevé de satisfaction. Pour cela, chaque sollicitation du support technique fait l'objet d'un questionnaire qui nous permet de suivre chaque mois votre appréciation.

At your disposal

A hotline and extranet service access (called SupportFlow) enables you to record and to send your requests to us. It also gives you an access to the download zone (products, patchs, documentations) and the FAQ... 


France  0 820 320 762
Other +33 156 705 449
From 9 AM to 6 PM (GMT +1 - Paris time) Monday - Friday

ITESOFT | W4 Ecosystem

Client support services are available on ITESOFT | W4 Ecosystème
If you are a client or partner and you are not registered, contact support: to obtain your valid user ID and password for access to our SupportFlow.​

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Gestion des licences
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Documentation produit
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